Peter Schreiner Presenter at Soccer Coaching Seminar in Hungary

Szeged (Hungary) 21. – 24.October 2002   Peter Schreiner was leading a coaching seminar in Hungary. Cs. Tóth Zoltán, Bertalan Bicskei, former nationa coach of Hungary), Antal Dunai, László Kutasi und Gyula Kajner.30 Coaches and 50 Kids at soccer school..       


Peter Schreiner Presenter in Cali and Tulua (Columbia) 2002

24.01. – 04.02.2002 (Cali and Tulua) Columbia The Peter-Schreiner-System (P-S-S) now in Columbia. More than 400 Coaches!      


Peter Schreiner und Peter Hyballa Presenter in Austria 2002

Vienna 24./25.08.2002 Austria 24./25.08.2002  Adidas-Cup in Vienna 24./25.08.2002 Presentation at the Wiener Prater-Stadion (Ernst-Happel-Stadion) from the Coerver-Coahes Peter Schreiner and Peter Hyballa.       


Peter Schreiner – Presenter in Oslo (Norway) 2002

Norway 31.10. – 03.11.2002 From 31.10. – 03.11.2002 Peter Schreiner was in Norway as a presenter for the Norwegian coaches association. Topic: “Coordination and speed for soccer players” Cupfinal Seminar in Norway 2002 (Ullevall Stadion – Oslo)     


Peter Schreiner and Peter Hyballa special Guests at Coerver-Soccer-Camp in Lake Placid 2002

26. Coerver-Soccer-Camp in Lake Placid Peter Schreiner and Peter Hyballa take part as guest coaches at the 26. Coerver-Soccer-Camp in Lake Placid. Mike McGlynn (Lake Placid Soccerschool) Peter Schreiner (Institut für Jugendfußball and Contributor FussballD21) Alfred Galustian (Coerver Coaching International) Uli Kick (FussballD21-Director)