2nd International congress for coaches 2005, Morelia (Mexiko)

2nd International congress for coaches, Morelia (Mexiko)

While hurricane “Wilma” headed for the mexican holiday region Cancún, 600 mexican coaches came to the international Congress for Coaches.

The stat comittee for physical culture and sports Sport (CECUFID) organized the congress in Morelia (4 hours by car from Mexiko City), a large and well known with lots of colonial buildings.


Peter Schreiner presented:

  • Coordination Training Soccer
  • BallKoRobics
  • One Touch and Combination Play
  • Dribbling and Feinting – the Peter-Schreiner-System
  • easy Sports-Graphics
Samuel Cibrian (Mexiko), Prof. Dr. Dante Derosa (Brasilien), Peter Schreiner (Germany), Coach Charles M. Sharshaug (USA), Prof. Tudor Bompa (Kanada)
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